Top 7 Best Free Apps for Android – June 2018

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Best Apps for Android Smartphone June (2018)
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Stop ad is the most effective ad-blocking app that I’ve ever come across. It works on all popular browsers on your phone- not just chrome, or edge, or opera or whatever – just all of them. Also helps in removing ads from more than 1 million apps from Play Store like Shazam, SoundCloud, Dr. Web, Pinterest and so on.

The way StopAd works, it eliminates all ads on all apps and not just one browser. And it works without root. It’s really safe, reliable, lightweight and has no negative effects on device performance. Also, because there’s no loading of ads, web pages load faster. You can also create custom ad blocking rules or whitelist sites that you want to see ads on.

Also download StopAd for Windows, Mac and iOS.

OnePlus Gestures
Download link:

Operate the device without the navigation bar – by just using gestures like in the OnePlus 6 and iPhone. Use your smartphone with more speed and efficiency. Amazing way to personalize and customize your smartphone experience.

To go back, you swipe from bottom right. To go home, you swipe from center and release. And to view recent apps, you swipe from center and hold for a second.

Once you get used to it, which won’t take you too long, you’d know how fast and convenient it could be to use your smartphone.

SpotOn Alarm
Download link:

Basically you wake up to a music video as your alarm. It’s dead simple. Choose the time, search for the music video, select and you’re done.
You could choose a playlist for your daily alarm and the app will wake you up by playing a random track from within that playlist so you don’t necessarily have to wake up to the same music everyday.

Chilly Snow
Download link:

It’s one of those really mind numbing easy to play challenging and addictive games. Simple and it’s really just about beating your own high score as you get better at the game.

Use the tip of your finger to guide the ball and you ski through the trees. The more trees you pass, the higher your score goes up. Damn simple!

ES Disk Analyser
Download link:

A tool meant to manage your disk storage by helping you find files that are large or redundant and then helps you compress images or clean app junk files thereby freeing up space. It also helps you organize your files better and present them in a more structured manner.
Instantly figure out the large files on my phone and if you feel they are not important, instantly delete them within this app and free up storage.

The app also helps you get rid of redundant files that are often useless remnants of existing or old apps and are just eating up space without any impact. This also essentially defrags your storage making it more efficient.

The app also monitors battery consumption by apps and helps you identify any power draining applications so you can get rid of them immediately.

Download link:

CatchUp is indeed a great way to gain access to the front page of a number of your favourite services like Hacker News, reddit, medium, product hunt, slashdot, designer news, dribble and so on. It’s like all the best of stuff in one place, in one list, in one app.

The app will open up the link automatically in the app if you have it installed or else it will open up in a custom chrome tab. You can enable or disable that service from settings.

Trips by Lonely Planet
Download link:

So if you’re looking at a place to travel to and don’t want to do the mundane stuff that Google throws at you when researching then this the app. It’s not as comprehensive, but it does have real reviews from some really adventurous people and they tell you the best of their experiences to learn from.

The royalty-free music used in this video is ‘Back To The Stars’ by Nazar Rybak.
(, licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”. I have given credit for the use of this music at the end in the video description.
Here is a link to the terms of the license:

Top 7 Best Free Apps for Android – June 2018
How to install:
– Download, extract and run .exe file,
(If your antivirus blocking file, pause it or disable it for some time.)
– Choose destination folder

How to Use:
Open destination folder and locate file notes.txt, open it and read step by step.

Don’t forget to read instructions after installation.
Enjoy Top 7 Best Free Apps for Android – June 2018.

All files are uploaded by users like you, we can’t guarantee that Top 7 Best Free Apps for Android – June 2018 are up to date.
We are not responsible for any illegal actions you do with theses files. Download and use Top 7 Best Free Apps for Android – June 2018 on your own responsibility.

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