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While some people might say that your brain is the only study tool you really need, it doesn’t hurt to have some free software to help out. So we’ve put together a list of apps that can help with studies. This list is primarily for Apple iOS apps, though several entries have links for Android, Web, or desktop (Mac OS X, Windows, sometimes Linux). All of them are free, though some might have IAP (in-app purchase) options for advanced features (or sometimes just for getting rid of annoying ads). Occasionally, alternatives are listed, especially when an app is only on iOS.

Most Helpful Apps for Students:
10. Coursera
Here’s a crazy thought: succeed in college by creating more homework for yourself. In some countries, there are statewide or country-wide exams, and it’s too bad for you if your college professor “didn’t teach that.” It’s your responsibility to know a subject. While this does not happen in the U.S., what if you took the same attitude of responsibility for your own knowledge and put in some extra effort? You don’t have to be a study-masochist to get an advantage from this effort. is an online education site that has partnerships with many dozens of top colleges and universities in the United States, including Ivy League schools. These schools offer both curriculum course study materials and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

9. Google Drive
Take notes, draw diagrams, create spreadsheets, build presentations and keep them all in the cloud, accessible from an Internet-connected computer or mobile device when you need them.Google Drive is a collection of cloud-based “Office” apps that includes capabilities for spreadsheets, documents, presentations, diagrams and more.

8. Dragon Dictation
Do you have study notes to type up for an overdue class project and your poor fingers are so tired from flipping through those ancient things called print books? Or maybe granny is paying for your college and you need to get your weekly email out to her fast, and your typing sucks.

7. Brainscape – Smart Flashcards
Brainscape has a number of flashcard style apps for iOS. One such is “Brainscape – Smart Flashcards,” which is bill as being “brain games to study Chinese, SAT and more.” Create your own flashcard sets or download from the Market (has both free and paid content).

6. Flashcards+
Flashcards+ is not just another flashcards app. It’s an app by young serial entrepreneurial and wunderkind Connor Zwick, who started making waves at 13, was simultaneously accepted to startup incubator Y Combinator and Harvard in 2011 (at 18), and who left Harvard at 19 to take advantage of a Thiel Fellowship with a $100K grant.

5. Quizlet
Quizlet, a general study tool, boasts millions of flashcard study sets for numerous topics, created by student users (high school and college). If you can’t find the subjects you’re looking for in such a large collection, you can of course make your own.

4. Todoist
If you find Evernote(#1) too intimidating with all its notetaking features and really only want a todo list app, maybe with Web URL bookmarking features, try Todoist. Sure there are dozens of todo list apps, but Todoist is arguably one of the best, and it’s one of few that does project/ subprojects and tasks/ subtasks well.

3. MyScript Smart Note
If you’re the type of student who prefers to write down notes in class instead of typing (or borrowing notes later) and wished it were as easy to write on a tablet as on paper, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Sure, there are a dozens of “notebook” apps that allow you to handwrite with a finger or stylus, but none are really suitable for the speed with which class lectures would require. However, if you want an app that should suffice for taking notes on a tablet while studying in the library or your dorm room, then MyScript Smart Note is an excellent start. in multiple languages, no less.

2. XMind
If the “radial thinking” paradigm of mind mapping suits your workflow (try it), then this is an ideal method for note-taking and studying. One of the best free mind mapping apps around is XMind. Unfortunately, it only runs on desktops/ laptops — Windows, Mac, Linux: no mobile apps, no Web apps. However, if you have access to desktop/ laptop computer, you can use it as a planning tool, for projects, for studying. If you’re willing to give up mobility using a desktop-only app, you’ll get an incredibly robust research and study tool that has enough features in the free version alone to cover at least a quarter of the apps in this list, maybe more. You will have to pay for cloud storage — XMind has a subscription service.

1. Evernote and Penultimate
Evernote is the king of note taking apps, with a feature set that combines bookmarking, composing, clipping and more. You could even use it for todo lists, if need to ditch all the todo list apps taking up space on your mobile device.

Top 10 apps for studying
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